Credit Score: 750-850

APR: 2-4%

Excellent - Established over a number of years, consumers with “Excellent” credit have a proven record of timely payments and ability to manage credit. This usually earns the privilege of the lowest Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) available.


Credit Score: 650-699

APR: 10-14%

Good - This rating will see slightly higher APRs. However, consideration is usually given to the length of established credit history and whether a score is on the high or low end.

Very Good:

Credit Score: 700-749

APR: 5-9%

Very Good - Like an “Excellent” rating, this will earn low APRs, although credit applications with this rating may be subject to more scrutiny than "Excellent."


Credit Score: 580-649

APR: 15-19%

Fair - Financing is common for those with "Fair" credit, although with increased restrictions and higher APRs.

None or Bad:

Credit Score: Below 580

APR: 19-29%

None or Bad - In this range, securing financing can be challenging depending on the credit score. All effort should be made to pay existing debts and maintain a clear borrowing history moving forward.


Credit Rating